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Posted on Friday, 08 August 2014 at 3pm
by Stephen Maw. See more of my posts here.
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A recent BBC article has highlighted how “thousands of pupils in the UK are being given scant or wrong advice about the best A-level subjects to study to gain a degree place”. Is that you? Or were you encouraged to take ‘easy’ A-levels when you really wanted to study something else?

Well if you find yourself with the wrong A-levels to study the degree you wanted help may be at hand. Studies in Science is a conversion course designed to build on your current level of learning and understanding and prepare you to progress onto a degree programme in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, or Computer Science at the University of Leeds. And now is the time to act. Clearing is often seen as a negative thing but it can also be a time to trade your results for something you really want. If you want to switch to science there are still a limited number of places available on Studies in Science and the course will be open in clearing. If you want a change now’s your chance.

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