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Writing a UCAS personal statement

Posted on Monday, 14 October 2013 at 3pm
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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It is a busy time at the University, students starting new programmes, returning students and for me, as College Liaison Officer, a new round of sessions with prospective students in the local colleges. This month, the focus is all on UCAS applications; from UCAS choices to UCAS personal statements.

There is a lot of incorrect information out of the internet (as well as some very good information) surrounding personal statements. This is where our specific UCAS sessions are valuable, unpicking the good from the bad. A good rule of thumb would be to only take information from reputable websites: pointers from UCAS and individual university websites are safe. Students should be wary of templates, pointers and examples from chat-rooms and non-accredited websites. All applications are rigorously looked at for acts of plagiarism and any hint of this will severely hinder your chances of a successful application.

A vital piece of advice we always stress is to plan your personal statement and make sure it covers why you want to study a particular degree and how your experience and interests are relevant. Take time to reflect on where you want this degree to lead you and get as much advice and guidance as possible.

If you like further help with your application to Higher Education and think you would benefit from a session run by the Lifelong Learning Centre then we are hosting an event on the 19th October which will cover applications and alternative routes to Higher Education, finance and course surgeries on topics such as Business, Science and Healthcare. Register at for a place, contact me on or 0113 343 0119 for further details.

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