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Minister for which students?

Friday, 02 March 2018

This piece was first posted on the website for the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning, of which our Director Tony Ellis is currently the Honorary Secretary. In his keynote speech at the launch of the Office for Students, Sam Gyimah reminds us that he has pledged himself to be “Not just a universities minister, but also a minister for students”. A worthy aim, but read his speech and you get a clear idea who he has in mind when he thinks of students. There are references to “anxious parents and grandparents worried about student fees”, students...

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LIFF 2017

Saturday, 21 October 2017

I’ve been browsing what’s on at this year’s Leeds International Film Festival, and thought this may be a great opportunity for students to have an alternative day/night out which is relevant to their studies! Child and Family Studies students may be interested in the portrayal of childhood in The Florida Project, an American movie about a child living in a motel with her mum who’s struggling to make ends meet. A retrospective screening of Red Riding 1974 may also be of interest as it looks at the investigation by a Yorkshire Post reporter into the...

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Less than one week left to register to vote!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

If you haven’t already registered to vote, then there is still time…but not much. The deadline is 23:59 next Monday 22nd May. The process only takes five minutes and can be done via this webpage. There is also lots of useful information about voting on the Electoral Commission’s website, including answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. Before you decide who to vote for, check who is standing in your local area (constituency). There mightn’t be a representative for every party. Indeed, since the election has been called at quite short notice, some parties are still choosing their representative. If...

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Spending Review 2015

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

There are some unexpected nuggets of good news for mature and part-time students in the Government’s Autumn Spending Review:
  • from 2018-19 part-time students will be eligible for maintenance loans to support the cost of living while studying;
  • the new scheme for postgraduate loans will be available to learners under 60 years of age (not 30 as in the initial proposals);
  • eligibility for undergraduate tuition loans will be extended to those who already have equivalent level qualifications where their further study is in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) subject.
These proposals create a level playing field, for the first time, in the...

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