Lifelong Learning Centre

Discovery modules

Looking for Discovery modules to enhance your CV and support your career aspirations?

The Lifelong Learning Centre offers a range of Discovery modules at Levels 1, 2 and 3 that could be of use to you in your personal and professional development.

In 2015/16 we will be offering Discovery modules in the following subject areas:


  • LLLC1371 Arabic 1 (20 credits, Semester 1 and 2) The basic structures of Arabic will be explained in an interactive environment, enabling students to develop a competency in the language


  • LLLC1040 Creative Writing Workshop (20 credits, Semester 1 and 2) Students’ creative writing will be challenged and developed with the encouragement, support and guidance of an experienced writer
  • LLLC1359 Global Conversations (20 credits, Semester 2) Students from around the world will be brought together with students from the local area to discuss a wide range of issues, reflecting on their own experiences, negotiating with others and communicating through presentations
  • LLLC2248 Script Writing (20 credits, Semester 1) Students will explore a variety of scripts and be given the opportunity to write their own play, screenplay or radio script

Cultural awareness

  • LLLC1304 Islam in Western Societies (10 credits, Semester 2) Students will explore the diverse experiences of Muslim communities living in Western societies, considering issues like integration, discrimination, identity, citizenship and multiculturalism
  • LLLC1354 Sufism: Introduction to the Mystic Tradition in Islam (10 credits, Semester 2) Students will be given an introductory insight into the Islamic spirituality represented by Sufism, exploring its role in popular Islam and the challenges it faces in the modern world
  • LLLC1356 Principles of Islamic Law (20 credits, Semester 1 and 2) Students will be introduced to Islamic legal theory in the context of its increasing importance in family and social life, critically considering the nature and development of ‘Shari’a law’
  • LLLC1389 Introduction to Islamic Philosophy (10 credits, Semester 1) Students will gain an informed insight into the basic mechanics of Islamic philosophy, exploring themes of creation and emanation and the schisms that have occurred between Islamic philosophers and theologians
  • LLC1394 Political Islam: Past and Present (10 credits, Semester 1 and 2) Students will gain an overview of the historical development of political Islam, particularly the branch known as ‘Islamism’, from the mid-19th century to the present day


  • LLLC2262 Travel and Journalistic Writing (20 credits, Semester 1 and 2) Students will be given an opportunity to develop their skills in travel and journalistic writing, learning how to catch the attention of the reader and convey complex messages in clear and thought-provoking ways

Social work


Working with children and young people

Why study with the Lifelong Learning Centre?

  • Interactive, participative learning and teaching
  • Small group teaching; no big lectures
  • Consistently excellent teaching scores in the National Student Survey and Programme Survey
  • No exams (except on language modules)
  • Networking opportunities; on many modules you will be able to meet experienced, well-connected local practitioners from business, education and family support settings
  • Develop your understanding, knowledge and skills in key work-related areas such as communication, team-working, multi-agency working and the links between theory and practice
  • Broaden your horizons; meet and study with a diverse range of students including local, mature and part-time learners

To enrol on these Discovery modules you can select them from the University’s online module enrolment system. If you would like to know more about any of these modules please call us on 0113 343 3212 or email