Lifelong Learning Centre

Financing your study

Please note that this information applies to those starting a course in September 2017.

Going to the right university is one of the most important investments you will ever make. When considering the cost of studying, it is also vital to take account of the financial support available. A large and well-established institution like the University of Leeds is able to provide a generous level of financial support to ensure that no one is deterred from study for financial reasons.

Mature students are eligible for the same levels of financial support from the University and the government as younger students, and this is the case whether you study full-time or part-time.

At Leeds we’re committed to ensuring that, if you have the talent, drive and potential to succeed, you are encouraged to take advantage of a University of Leeds education, whatever your background. With that in mind, we offer comprehensive financial support to help you with the costs of being at university and you may also be eligible for a scholarship, regardless of your household income.

The Leeds Financial Support scheme provides generous, non-repayable, financial support which can include a discount on fees or the costs of University accommodation or a cash payment. There may also be further support available through University scholarships.

In addition to the University’s generous financial support scheme, the Lifelong Learning Centre has an Opportunities Fund designed to help students who would otherwise be unable, for financial reasons, to access extracurricular professional development opportunities.  For example, funding may help towards the cost of childcare, travel costs, attendance fees or other expenses associated with courses, conferences or residential training events.

No upfront fees

Students, whether part-time or full-time, are able to borrow the entire cost of tuition fees*, making study free at the point of entry, with good repayment terms.  Repayment of the sum borrowed for tuition fees is more like a tax than a standard commercial loan:  repayments are calculated on your income rather than the amount borrowed. For further fee information please visit

*Previous study at Higher Education may affect your eligibility. 

Discussing your options

Lifelong Learning Centre staff are happy to talk through the financial implications of study for foundation level, mature and part-time students and discuss options that may be open to you to make this more affordable.  Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.