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Graduation Day

Posted on Friday, 24 July 2015 at 10am
by Tony Ellis. See more of my posts here.
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Graduations are nothing if not colourful. The campus and Great Hall are brilliant with flowers and crowded with people dressed for the occasion – not least the graduates themselves with their ceremonial academic gowns and hoods.

And why not! Events like this are deliberately extraordinary rather than routine because they are marking something very special that could otherwise go unnoticed – the way in which study at university changes lives. So often, when we talk to our graduates, they will tell us that they never could have imagined themselves where they are now. They have found more of themselves than they thought possible – skills, capabilities and confidence that they would never have realised had they not ventured onto a degree at Leeds.

If graduation is like a finishing line, then it is also true that achievement in study, as in sport, reflects years of hard training and slog – obstacles faced and overcome. This is where support from friends and family can mean so much. It is great, then, that graduations are also a chance for us to welcome onto campus those who have supported our students and to thank them for the part that they have played.

Do watch, if you can, the degree ceremony for the LLC which is scheduled for Friday 24th July at 2.00pm and can be viewed via this webpage. As you see each person receiving their award, remember how much this means in terms of their own achievement and how much those applauding them from the audience have cheered them along the way.

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