Lifelong Learning Centre

Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies short courses

Our informal, non-credit bearing provision in Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies aims to bring the East a step closer to the West by challenging some of the negative images that exist in Western society about Islam. Participants can gain a fascinating insight into the Muslim world – from the Arabic language to women’s rights, from the history of Islam to the study of religious texts and Islamic law.

This area of our work was established in 1996 in collaboration with local Muslim communities and the academic departments of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds.

At present our focus is on delivering short courses on the University campus, both as part of our informal Arabic Language provision and our annual Spring into Summer programme of learning-for-pleasure courses and events.

We also aim to be as responsive as possible to local demand and would be delighted to hear from any community groups or workers who are interested in this provision or in helping to facilitate its delivery. For further information please contact Samar Al-Afandi.

A report about this area of our work by Lindsey Fraser is available for download here.