Lifelong Learning Centre

Conversational Arabic

Have you thought about learning Arabic but not sure where to start? Are you interested in Arabic culture and would like to know more? No prior knowledge or experience necessary.

Course description

This interactive course will provide an opportunity to develop your ability to have conversations in Arabic at a basic level about some every day topics; such as greetings, introducing yourself, the weather, families and food and drink.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who would like to study Arabic. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary, just an interest in the subject and a commitment to learning.

When and where is the course?

Where: Ravensthorpe Community Centre.
When: Friday 10-12, for four weeks starting 9th June.

To register:

Either email or call Lisa Matera / 0113 3433229 or put your name down on the list at Routeways – ask a member of staff to do this.