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Islam and Challenges of the 21st Century

Are you interested in topical issues which affect us all in the UK?
Would you like to explore perceptions of Islam in society?

Course Description

Do we understand the complex relationship between Islam and culture? Can Islam meet the challenges of 21st century?

These three interactive sessions will examine the challenges facing Islam and Muslim communities in light of recent 21st century events.

We shall examine the phenomenon of Islamophobia and its impact on Muslim communities in the UK post 7/7 until the present day. In a safe space, questions such as whether the UK Muslim community is at a crossroads and if it is equipped to meet the challenges of ‘post-modern’ society shall be up for debate.
We will consider the roles of women in Islam with reference to tradition and the modern world. The course will end with a debate on whether Islam needs radical reform or needs renewal considering the founding values of the faith.

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is interested in the world around them and would like to study topical issues which affect us all in the UK. No prior knowledge or study is necessary, just a willingness to engage with contemporary issues.

When and where is the course?

Where: Routeways, Ravensthrope Community Centre, 24 Garden St, Dewsbury WF13 3AR
When: Tuesdays, 1-3, starting 4th July till 18th July

To register, or to find out more
Either email or call Lisa Matera / 0113 3433229 or put your name down on the list at Routeways – ask a member of staff to do this