Lifelong Learning Centre

Barbara Kempf

Barbara KempfAs a member of the Communities and Partnerships team my post mostly engages with learners at a point where they may be ready to think about applying to university. These may be people who have a lot of experience in work, or volunteering, or adults attending an Access course, or young people meeting certain criteria who are interested in Foundation level study.

My role involves going out to colleges, delivering sessions on how to apply to oversubscribed universities through UCAS. I also visit schools and colleges to speak about Foundation level study as a route into the¬†University of Leeds and to meet parents at parents’ evenings. These are a great opportunity to inspire parents to think about their own learning and development alongside their children.

I am Leeds graduate myself and studied here many years ago, arriving here as an immigrant and mature student (I had two babies during my degree!). My dissertation and MA thesis concentrated on equality and diversity issues and these continue to fascinate me. They have been a key focus of my career in housing, community development and education.

I am interested in solution focus as a tool to facilitate change in people and organisations. In my spare time I play and sing Latin American Music.

Title: External Liaison Officer
phone: 0113 343 0119