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Customer Service Excellence

What is Customer Service Excellence (CSE)?

The Customer Service Excellence Standard is an independent validation of achievement. This is nationally recognised and was designed to offer services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within their organisation. It allows organisations to seek formal accreditation by demonstrating their competence, identify key areas for improvement and celebrate their success. Assessments are carried out by licensed certification bodies. More detailed information can be found on the CSE website.

Why the LLC wanted to work towards CSE?

This is an acknowledgement of our good practice, culture and continuous improvement, whilst raising our profile within the wider University.  Working towards this award also allows us to reflect on the work we do and give us a realistic assessment of how good we are at what we do.

The Customer Service Excellence Award is designed to operate on three distinct levels:

  • As a driver of continuous improvement
  • As a skills development tool
  • As an independent validation of achievement

 How did we do?

Following our second assessment we now hold an impressive 7 compliance pluses in different areas, these also recognise the work we do with hard-to-reach and under-represented groups.

We constantly strive to deliver excellent customer service to all of our users, and your feedback is a vital part of this. We value your views and opinions and we welcome all suggestions and constructive feedback – positive or negative. You can leave feedback on our service here.