Lifelong Learning Centre

Mission, Policies, Standards and Vision

The LLC’s mission is to deliver outstanding programmes, services and outreach that:

(a) encourage and support student diversity
(b) enable part-time, mature and foundation level students to achieve and flourish at the University of Leeds
(c) contribute to economic effectiveness, cultural harmony and social well-being within the region

Policies and Standards

Vision for Student Support

Our vision is to be recognised by our students, staff, University colleagues and other participants as an exceptionally dedicated student support team. Our work is guided by the LLC’s mission. We provide professional, tailored support services to a diverse group of students at every stage of their journey, which enables them to achieve their potential – both academically and personally. We cultivate a sense of belonging and engagement and treat all our students with respect as individuals. We are committed to working in partnership with students and we ensure that both staff and students are aware of the expectations of each other. Our accessible, joined up services ensure that our students flourish and both our students and alumni recommend the LLC as an excellent place to study.