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Have no fear, Clearing’s here

Posted on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 at 7am
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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As results day fast approaches (this Thursday!) we are revving up at the Lifelong Learning Centre and getting prepared to answer your calls and process Clearing applications.

Of course, this day is not about us. If you’re getting your results this Thursday, and/or you’re applying to start at university this September, this day is very much about you. Usually there’s a good mix of excitement, elation and panic in the air. For many students, this is the day you find out whether you’ve got into the university and the course of your choice. You finally find out if you’ve met the conditions of your offer(s). There can be panic if you don’t, but have no fear. There are still options available to you. There will be vacancies available on a great variety of programmes (but not all) and it’s up to you to look these up via UCAS online. Do your research – don’t just apply for the first thing you see that sounds right. Make sure it’s the right course for you.

It could be that you’ve met your offer, but you’ve decided that you’d actually like to study something else or somewhere else. Or perhaps on results day you’ll find you’ve done better than you thought and you’d like to ‘trade up’ – you can do this through Adjustment. Whatever your situation, remember this is a time when you do have options. If you haven’t already, I’d say start doing some research now into what those options are.

Good luck! Perhaps I’ll speak to you on Thursday.

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