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A day in the Life of a LLC Receptionist

Posted on Friday, 07 June 2013 at 8am
by Jenni Whitfield. See more of my posts here.
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We always try to attend to as much as we can before the day begins; answering emails, returning phone calls, setting up interviews and opening up meeting rooms. Then the fun begins! The unpredictability of our day is what makes it exciting – we are the first point of call for our students and any visitors and in the time I have been here no day has ever been the same, which I love. I have learnt it is important to know a little bit of everything, so I can point people in the right direction to seek help with their enquiries. This includes assisting with computer queries, such as problems with Turnitin, or where to find information on the Portal. One of the busiest times on the front desk is during hand-ins when it can become quite overwhelming….lots of students can appear from nowhere, all wanting to submit their assignments before the deadline.

Another aspect of the role is to support colleagues. This varies a lot depending on the team, but I have helped with arranging academic skills appointments, printing documents for meetings and setting up events such as student forums, focus groups and the staff away day. A small list of other duties include arranging guidance appointments, booking rooms, ordering stationary or marketing material and general maintenance of the LLC. Whether it is a student, visitor or fellow member of staff we are here to help in any way we can!

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