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Less than one week left to register to vote!

Posted on Thursday, 18 May 2017 at 11am
by Rachel Walls. See more of my posts here.
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If you haven’t already registered to vote, then there is still time…but not much. The deadline is 23:59 next Monday 22nd May. The process only takes five minutes and can be done via this webpage.

There is also lots of useful information about voting on the Electoral Commission’s website, including answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Before you decide who to vote for, check who is standing in your local area (constituency). There mightn’t be a representative for every party. Indeed, since the election has been called at quite short notice, some parties are still choosing their representative. If you are not sure what constituency you are in, you can enter your postcode in this website to find out. Once you have the name of your constituency, you can check this list to find out who is standing in your area. Use the Find box (Ctrl F) to enter search for the name of your constituency, to save you scrolling through them all!

If you are feeling unsure about who to vote for, there are lots of websites that can help you match your values – what is important to you – with the policies of the various political parties. Websites like,, and ask you a range of questions and then suggest which parties are the best match for your views.

The University of Leeds has some useful short videos on the UK electoral system which might help you feel more confident about using your vote and engaging with politics. They are a couple of years old now but are still relevant and useful. For instance, this one tells you about First Past The Post (FPTP), the type of electoral system we currently have in the UK.

If you are feeling very sure of who you want to vote for, and want to encourage others, there is still time to do this! Search for the website or Facebook group of the party you support and their local supporters, and see if there are any opportunities to help campaign.

Happy voting!

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