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LIFF 2017

Posted on Saturday, 21 October 2017 at 10am
by Rachel Walls. See more of my posts here.
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I’ve been browsing what’s on at this year’s Leeds International Film Festival, and thought this may be a great opportunity for students to have an alternative day/night out which is relevant to their studies!

Child and Family Studies students may be interested in the portrayal of childhood in The Florida Project, an American movie about a child living in a motel with her mum who’s struggling to make ends meet. A retrospective screening of Red Riding 1974 may also be of interest as it looks at the investigation by a Yorkshire Post reporter into the disappearance of a school girl. Normal Autistic Film looks at autism in a new way which may appeal to Learning and Teaching students, especially those studying the SEN pathway.

Professional Studies students studying the animal/human/machine binary or Science Foundation Year students might be interested in Jane, a documentary about an animal rights worker, or Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement. Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies students may be interested by The Breadwinner, about a young, talented girl living in a Taliban area of Pakistan, or The Gospel According to St Matthew, which uses dialogue directly drawn from the Bible.

I’ve not mentioned all the topics of interest here – it’s a just a few I spotted – but there really is something for everyone. Do have a browse and make the most of this fantastic festival!

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