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Time well-spent

Posted on Thursday, 10 December 2015 at 4pm
by Nadine Cavigioli. See more of my posts here.
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We’ve had a really positive end to the first semester of this year’s Preparation for Higher Education (PHE) programme, with our learners giving a ten-minute presentation on a self-selected topic for their Applied Information Literacy module. Our mature part-time learners are three months into their return to study and were briefed to focus on a local issue and consider this from a national, political and academic perspective. Topics covered included:

  • the housing crisis;
  • funding cuts to SureStart centres;
  • burglary;
  • NHS cuts;
  • The Leeds Cycle Super Highway;
  • male suicide;
  • alcoholism;
  • legal highs;
  • domestic abuse;
  • child grooming;
  • zero hours contracts;
  • prison over-crowding;
  • homelessness;
  • extremism and terrorism;
  • child-centred play therapy.

The presentations evidenced academic research skills, an understanding of Creative Commons licencing, effective use of PowerPoint, time management and confident verbal presentation skills. The group shared their excellent local and national knowledge, as well as demonstrating their political awareness. In addition, the majority of our learners had selected topics that they had personal experience of – these passionate presentations drew on reflective practice skills, as well as exhibiting the ability to be academically objective. Being new to presenting many were quite anxious whilst waiting for their turn – however, we witnessed our learners transform as they stood up to present with confident body language, suitable tone and pace of speech, effective eye contact with the audience and even touches of humour.

As tutors we found ourselves admiring their professionalism and could not help but be fully absorbed by a series of motivated, passionate and engaging speakers.

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