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Is it worth returning to study? A student perspective.

Posted on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 at 11am
by David Gilding. See more of my posts here.
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The advertising campaign for our part-time Business Management programme begins this week, with adverts appearing on buses across the city, to be followed in coming weeks with adverts on Real Radio and Radio Aire. The campaign is intended to reach as many prospective students as possible to raise awareness that they too could be studying for a University of Leeds qualification.

This is all well and good, but what would we say to those wondering if it is worth investing in study? In this instance our students really are our best ambassadors, as it is often a question that they have asked themselves as is made clear by John, a current year 3 student:

After hearing the radio ad… I thought yes, why not? Discussing the idea of doing a university degree with family, friends and business colleagues the common question was why? Why would a 39 year old, business owner want to re-enter education? What can I learn that I didn’t already know through running my own company for 9 years?

Well after my first three years, I can say that I now feel qualified to answer that!

University life started, and yes at first it was daunting to go back into education and handing in that first piece of work was a frightening task … however the support was excellent and once I had the first set of marks and feedback returned, I realised I could actually do this! The topics have been very varied and very useful in practical business life. For example, we have now introduced the Bradford Factor method to monitor sickness. I have recently completed a work based project around marketing, the research carried out during this project has helped the company re-consider and change its marketing strategy. This has directly resulted in increase sales and customer numbers. A Business Management degree is challenging, but very rewarding.

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