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Reflections on being a student rep

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Posted on Friday, 02 August 2013 at 1pm
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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This is a guest post from Lucy Harrison, a student on the Foundation Degree in Child and Family Studies.

This time last year I was considering starting a new chapter in my life by applying to study at the University of Leeds as a mature student. Although this is the most ambitious idea I have carried out, I have never been so confident that this was the right decision for me. Not only has my outlook on life completely changed, I know that all the openings I need to accomplish my future plans are here within the University, all I need to do is seek them out.

After I had settled into my studies the opportunity arose to become the School Rep. My initial thought of being involved in such a role was ‘that’s not for me…that’s something people with drive and good social skills do.’ However, by the time I got home a few hours later I was seriously considering it, mainly because it was exactly the kind of thing I would never do…since my life had already taken such a drastic turn why not do more things I thought weren’t for me. I have always felt you progress most when you put yourself outside your comfort zone; this was definitely that and besides, how hard could it be? I’m not afraid to put my own views forward so doing it for other people shouldn’t be too hard!

So what have I got out of being a Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) School Rep? Well, the experience has been nothing but pleasurable, and one of the biggest benefits for me has been improving my personal skills. I am now more confident about exploring new opportunities; I have attended meetings and learnt more about how the University works as an organisation; I have met a lot of the fantastic people that work hard to keep the LLC running like a well-oiled machine, which makes me feel more at home when I’m there; and I have used the role when I have been attending interviews to make me look like one of those people who has ‘drive and good social skills.’ In fact I enjoyed it so much I have signed up for another year – if nothing else I will now look like one of those people with twice as much drive and social skills!

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