Lifelong Learning Centre

Learning experience

Our programmes are relevant, stimulating and designed to help you to achieve well in a supportive learning context.

In the University’s latest programme survey 99% of respondents expressed satisfaction with their overall student experience and in the latest National Student Survey (2013), 92% of respondents expressed satisfaction with their overall student experience.

Learning and teaching

Our learning and teaching methods provide high levels of inspiration and challenge. University study is intended to stretch your mind. It is challenging but also enjoyable and rewarding. You are expected to show an active interest in the subject: reading, thinking and talking about it so as to deepen your understanding. You will be encouraged to discuss ideas, find information, weigh up different points of view, make judgements, as well as completing assignments for assessment.

Study at university is quite different to learning at school, utilising taught and independent study. You are a partner in a learning process. Teaching staff will be keen to explore ideas with you and support you in finding ways to succeed. All students have a named personal tutor who will meet with you on a one-to-one basis to reflect on your academic progress and support your personal and professional development. Whatever their previous experiences of school, our students are usually pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy study and how good they are at studying.

Teaching methods vary greatly depending on what you are studying, but would typically involve a combination of lectures, classes, workshops or seminar group and lab-work for sciences. In addition, a wealth of learning and other resources is available online through the University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Student Portal.


Assessments are typically varied and can include essays, projects, case studies, group presentations, online assignments or examinations. This wide range gives opportunity for students to work to their individual strengths and to gain skills in different forms of expression. We see assessment as a key way of enabling you to learn by doing and make sure that feedback from tutors supports you in this process.

Programme staff

Students have the support of our dedicated staff who have experience of the kinds of challenges that can arise for those who are returning to formal education or who have to juggle study with family or other commitments.

Learning at Leeds

Leeds for Life

University life offers many more opportunities to you than simply studying on your programme.

The University’s Leeds for Life initiative helps you to get the most out of your time at university by supporting your personal and academic development, so you have the skills and attributes to help you succeed academically and impress potential employers.

Facilities and resources

The University of Leeds is committed to providing a first-class student experience for all its students. As well as the support provided by your teaching department, outstanding support arrangements and facilities are provided by the University and the Students’ Union for all students. This means you have access to our internationally acclaimed library facilities, excellent online resources, superb pool and sports facilities and much more.

LLC support

The Lifelong Learning Centre provides specialist support not only to our students, but to mature and part-time undergraduates from across the University of Leeds. From your initial enquiry, through to your introduction to university life and during your academic career, we are here to help.

Information, Advice and Guidance

We offer a free, confidential and impartial Pre-Entry Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service for those considering a return to education to help you make informed decisions. Once on course, at any time during your study, our Guidance Officers can talk through your next steps for study, your career, or other issues that may be affecting your study. Guidance is also available for those needing to leave their studies earlier than anticipated.

Study skills

Alongside the support that you receive within your programme, we provide workshops and one-to-one meetings to help you to grow in confidence as a student and achieve success. We can also help you to make the best use of Library and computer resources and provide specialist support for students with dyslexia.

Career progression

We understand that you will want to gain the best opportunities for career progression through study at university. We support you in this through our professionally-related programmes, opportunity to reflect and plan ahead in tutorials and specialist support in enhancing your CV and job application skills.

Social events/opportunities

The Lifelong Learning Centre provides a supportive ‘home’ for you during your studies – giving you dedicated space to study or meet up with others. We host regular social events and drop-in meetings. All events are open to mature and part-time undergraduates across the University and some are aimed specifically at students with children. We also organise a programme of welcome events for new part-time and mature students before other students arrive on campus.

Our peer support scheme puts you in touch with a more established part-time or mature student who can help you settle into university, provide useful practical tips and signpost you to other sources of support.