Lifelong Learning Centre

What is Kickstart?

We know that starting a new course can be daunting. We also know that people experienced in studying at one institution can take time to become familiar with the way a new institution or course works. Kickstart is a pre-entry programmed designed to ease your move into studying with the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Leeds.

What does it involve? There is an online element, where you work through short resources at your own pace. Resources include notemaking, breaking down essay questions, using evidence, and using wider reading and writing.

If Maths is part of your course you will also have the opportunity to do some Maths work and to access resources to help you to be ready to start your term in September.

Can I come into University? Everyone is required to attend a workshop day where students can ask questions and make sure they are clear about things to do before the start of the year (if they absolutely can’t attend we do offer some online sessions, but attendance is recommended where at all possible).

Is there any assessed work? There is a final assignment that will be marked by your tutors so that you can receive feedback to help you with your first assignment on your course.

What do I have to do? You need to engage and complete all the online tasks before you attend a workshop day at the University and then complete a short assignment.

Why do I have to do it? We ask people to attend Kickstart because we want everyone to have the same opportunity to prepare themselves for their studies and to meet other people on their course, before September.

Can I talk to someone about this? Yes of course – contact Helen on if you leave a number she will ring you back.