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Creative Writing

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Learning about and becoming a creative writer. Available as Discovery Modules only.

Creative writing develops highly adaptable skill sets that can be applied to a number of potential careers both including, but not limited to, traditional writing-led careers.

According to the National Association of Writers in Education’s (NAWE) Creative Writing Subject Benchmark Statement, creative writing courses develop:

  • robust artistic practices;
  • the capacity to be creative;
  • an aesthetic sensibility;
  • intellectual enquiry;
  • the ability to apply the above to the production of the student’s own textual material (either written or in other forms);
  • skills in team working;
  • an appreciation of diversity;
  • the ability to conduct research in a variety of modes;
  • the ability to reflect on one’s own learning and development;
  • the capacity to work independently, determining one’s own future learning needs.