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Creative Writing

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Learning about and becoming a creative writer. Available as Discovery Modules only.

You can study the following Discovery Theme modules in Creative Writing:

Level 1

Creative Writing Workshop

The workshop brings students together to encourage, challenge and develop their writing with the support and guidance of an experienced writer and tutor. The module is organised around writing exercises, workshop discussions of work-in-progress and constructive peer and tutor feedback. Students have a go at a variety of forms, learning how they work and what each form can bring to a creative idea. This exploration gives students the opportunity to begin developing their own approach to writing in a supportive and creative environment.

Level 2

Script Writing

This module explores a variety of scripts and gives you the opportunity to write your own play, screenplay or radio piece. You will be encouraged to research audiences and to develop new writing that is appropriate for your intended reader. You will also build on your creative skills alongside this critical understanding through seminar workshops, sharing work with your peers and receiving and giving feedback.

Journalistic and Travel Writing

This is an opportunity to develop skills in journalistic writing and travel writing. You will learn how to write in ways that arrest a reader’s interest and convey complex messages in clear and thought-provoking ways. Whether it’s about travel that you have engaged with or something that excites you in your subject area, this is a skill that can be transferred across a wide range of careers.

You will be encouraged to explore each form critically and practically by exploring existing texts and by developing new writing.

Level Three

Advanced Creative Writing Project

This module is organised around lively bespoke workshops and developmental feedback to enable students to develop a substantial piece of creative writing of their own choice: a collection of short stories, the beginning of a novel or script, perhaps even a graphic novel or a web-based story. Students work on individual projects with the support of their peers and the guidance of an experienced creative writing tutor.