Lifelong Learning Centre

Other part-time degree opportunities

In addition to bespoke part-time programmes run by the Lifelong Learning Centre, the University offers part-time degree routes through many of its full-time undergraduate programmes. Part-time study enables you to learn whilst continuing to work, earn, develop your career or attend to other commitments.

You will study alongside full-time students and the programme content is the same, only delivered at 50% of the intensity. As these programmes are delivered primarily for full-time students you may need to attend the university on several occasions each week. Times are likely to vary with each new semester and will depend on the scheduling of compulsory modules and your choice of optional and elective modules. Prospective students are encouraged to contact us to discuss the time implications of their chosen degree programme.

A part-time study option is available in the following subject areas:

Biological Sciences

Politics and Social Sciences


The School of Healthcare runs several part-time Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for healthcare professionals at degree level. To apply please contact the school directly.