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A year of Arabic

Students in an Islamic Studies seminar

Posted on Friday, 17 July 2015 at 3pm
by Greg Elliott. See more of my posts here.
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As part of the Lifelong Learning Centre’s commitment to providing educational opportunities for people in the local community we have since our inception delivered a range of short courses in the area of Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Over the years we have earned a reputation for the high quality of our teaching on courses delivered in community settings and, more recently, on the University campus.

In the academic year 2014-15 we have delivered four short courses in Arabic at three different levels – Beginners, Pre-Intermediate and Conversational. Conversational Arabic ran as part of our 2015 Spring into Summer programme and allowed a number of people who had studied with us earlier in the year to progress with their learning.

These courses have welcomed anyone interested in learning the language, University students and staff as well as members of the public. Our students were taught this year by LLC tutor Abir Daneshyar and Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Programme Manager Samar Al-Afandi and had the opportunity to develop the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in a balanced and integrated way and within a friendly environment. In addition, they explored some aspects of Arabic culture.

Learning a new language is always fascinating and on our short courses in Arabic the learning is made fun through the use of interactive audio-visual materials. With its unfamiliar sounds and script and right-to-left format learning Arabic is a particularly thrilling challenge and the feedback from those who took courses with us this year has been highly positive. Here are a few of the comments we have received:

Very engaging and intuitive – I learnt a lot, shukrun!

Excellent teachers who work hard to educate the classroom

The course enabled me to pick up on some finer points of the language which I hadn’t picked up on before

We are currently planning our provision for the new academic year 2015-16 and will add the details to our short courses webpage as soon as these are confirmed.

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