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Trying to Understand Brexit…An Analysis of Fear, Fiction, Fighting and (maybe) Facts

Wednesday 15th June 2016
6.00pm - 7.30pm
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Speaker: Iain Clacher

Venue: Seminar room 1.08, Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

In this public lecture, Dr. Iain Clacher from Leeds University Business School will look at a number of issues and discussions that are taking place around Brexit and Bremain. The aim, if possible, is to try and tease out some of the main issues facing the UK as part of Europe and some of the possible consequences of being outside of Europe. The talk will consider some of the economics of each side as well as some of the wider issues. An interactive and lively session covering both sides of the argument. 

This event does not publicly support or criticise political parties or candidates and speakers comment in a personal capacity and are not speaking or acting on behalf of the University.