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Degrees of Difference?

Posted on Monday, 15 July 2013 at 10am
by Sally Gibbs. See more of my posts here.
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A recent letter in the Times Higher (July 4th) notes that student contact time is very expensive, estimating this at about £30 an hour. Similarly some of my students have also recently noted the cost of each weekly session compared to similar courses in the region. This raises the issue of what do students actually get for their money and why buy the University of Leeds version when others can be cheaper.

We all know that education is not just about the time spent in the classroom but this is often the only tangible aspect that we can see, so one classroom is pretty much the same as another whether it be at Leeds or at another institution. But think about buying a car, ostensibly these are all the same, a machine in a frame that can get you from A to B, so why do some people pay so much for some cars? Arguably because you’re buying a superior product in terms of build quality, performance, comfort, reliability, warranty and after-sales service. Of course there’s also the kudos that goes with being the owner of such a car, and knowing that it will continue to have value when cheaper versions have failed the M.O.T.

In much the same way the Foundation Degree and the BA(Hons) Learning and Teaching offers a package for part-time students which includes:

  • well-qualified academic staff
  • dedicated skills tutors
  • a personalised approach for all students whatever your needs
  • a delivery mode which gives you time to understand, reflect upon and assimilate new learning
  • clear links between theory and your own practice
  • a world class library and your own subject librarian
  • in-house financial advice and guidance
  • access to independent careers staff and employability resources
  • a welcoming resource area for all
  • a ‘longlife’ degree with kudos.

Above all you’re buying a package with unrivalled ongoing ‘sales service’, one that definitely won’t fail the M.O.T. Can you really put a price on that?

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