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No Lift Day

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2015 at 4pm
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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On Tuesday 21st April 2015, the ‘Green Impact’ team at the Lifelong Learning Centre is going to suggest that people in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building (where we are based) think about using the stairs instead of the lift for the entire day. We are working with other ‘Green Impact’ teams in the building in order to see if we can encourage more members of staff to take part.

The obvious problem with this project is that it is not inclusive towards people who may not be able to take the stairs. We recognise this and do not want anyone to feel pressured or upset by the campaign. If you have any ideas about how to address this, we would encourage you to email them to

For those who are able and wish to forgo the lift, the exercise can provide great health benefits. Apart from using up those custard cream calories (one is equal to going up and down the stairs to Level 12), the cardiovascular benefits of improved circulation, lowered risk of heart disease and greater cognitive function speak for themselves.

You’ll also be saving us some kilowatts, adding to the efficiency of the building and contributing to the health of the planet. With information gathered from the University’s energy monitoring service we hope to see how much energy can be saved by this practice. If the saving is significant we will then use this evidence to spread the campaign to other buildings on campus, making No Lift Day a regular occurrence.

We hope to involve students taking Lifelong Learning Centre modules in researching the impact of the event – if you would like to be involved with this please get in touch.

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