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Sustainability at the University

Posted on Friday, 13 September 2013 at 10am
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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As shown in previous blog posts about our Green Impact activities the Lifelong Learning Centre is extremely committed to activities to encourage sustainability. So of course we were really excited to attend a recent focus group considering what a sustainable university would look like from the perspective of staff, suppliers and students.

These focus groups are part of the development of a sustainability strategy for the University. The focus group was very interesting; topics discussed included staff working patterns, the culture at Leeds, commuting, partnerships with the local community, collaboration with universities abroad in terms of research and with local universities in terms of resources.

We were particularly interested in the question of how to embed sustainability into the curriculum. With curricula already jam-packed, how would this important topic be added with ease ensuring that their students are in a position to critically analyse situations and be aware of their impact in the world they live in? M.J. Morgan highlighted the similarities between the sustainability strategy with the employability strand that is now being embedded in all disciplines. As with employability, we want to give the students the skills to succeed once they fledge the University home and take flight into the outside world. Training and innovative thinking are going to be a must if we want to see the strategy come to fruition. For some subjects the links will come easily, for others a little more creativity is needed. This is where training, communication and staff input will be crucial and we look forward to seeing how the University’s sustainability strategy will address these issues.

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