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Arabic for Everyone

Posted on Monday, 11 November 2013 at 1pm
by Samar Al-Afandi. See more of my posts here.
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As part of our commitment to providing educational opportunities to the local community, our Arabic and Islamic Studies Programme has been delivering different modules in various community settings since 1996. During this time the Programme has earned an excellent reputation for its high quality of teaching.

Our first ten-week Arabic course of this academic year, Beginners Arabic, is due to begin this month and Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate courses will be offered in the New Year. These courses welcome whoever is interested in learning the language: staff, students, and members of the public. Our students have always enjoyed learning a new language from experienced, professional native Arabic speakers. Students also have the opportunity to develop the four language skills: reading and writing, speaking and listening in a balanced and integrated way, within a friendly environment. In addition, they are able to explore some aspects of the Arabic culture.

Learning a new language is always fascinating and challenging, and the learning is made fun through the use of interactive audio-visual materials. With its new sounds, different script, and right-to-left format (backward as some describe it) the Arabic language is especially thrilling to learn. Once the script and sounds are mastered, it becomes like learning any foreign language.

Beginners Arabic is starting on Tuesday 19th November. This course is designed for learners with no previous knowledge of the language, while Pre-Intermediate Arabic is for students who would like to build on the knowledge they have gained in the past. Both courses will be a stepping stone to developing the language further.

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