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New Cert HE in Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Posted on Tuesday, 05 May 2015 at 3pm
by Samar Al-Afandi. See more of my posts here.
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Building on the success of our Certificate of Higher Education in Arabic and Islamic Studies we are pleased to launch the new Certificate of Higher Education in Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. This new Certificate has been developed to act as a pathway into all four degree programmes offered by the Department of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Leeds.

The Certificate is a two year part-time programme, providing intensive support to enable students to develop their knowledge and academic skills. Topics range from theology and philosophy to politics, history, culture and law, as well as the gender issues prevalent in Middle Eastern and Islamic societies. The wide breadth of modules on offer allows students to engage in the art of critical thinking and become the thinkers of tomorrow.

The programme also provides students with a better understanding of the multi-cultural society we live in today. Students will acquire basic skills in the Arabic language during their first year, and there is an optional, more advanced language module in the second year.

Teaching on the programme is imaginative and supportive so that students are intellectually stretched and helped through any sticking points in their learning. Group sizes are small enough for individuals to actively engage in debates and discussions.

Year-on-year student feedback on the Certificate of Higher Education in Arabic and Islamic Studies has been very positive and encouraging. Our graduates have had access to a wide range of careers ranging from teaching, translation and interpreting to business and the civil service.

We have produced a video about the new programme which you can view here. We are currently recruiting our first cohort of students, who will commence their studies in September 2015. The second selection day is taking place in the first week of June – to find out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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