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A part-time route towards an Islamic Studies degree

Posted on Thursday, 18 July 2013 at 3pm
by Samar Al-Afandi. See more of my posts here.
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During graduation it’s wonderful to see students in their gowns, celebrating with their families and friends the achievements of their hard work – all the late nights studying in the library and in front of the PC have finally paid off!

Some of these students have returned to education after a break and lead a busy life with work, family or other life commitments. Choosing whether or not to go back to study can be a difficult decision to make; it will be an extra commitment for a minimum of three years. However, it is an extremely rewarding experience culminating in that special day of graduation with a world of opportunities to explore.

Here at the Lifelong Learning Centre we continue to create opportunities for anyone thinking of changing direction or looking for a stepping stone into Higher Education.

We are currently recruiting for our part-time Certificate of Higher Education in Islamic Studies; the selection days have gone well and we are looking forward to meeting our third group on 13 August.

This Certificate is aimed at people who are interested in gaining a BA in Islamic Studies but would like to start through a part-time route, while also benefiting from the support available from the LLC throughout their learning journey. The Certificate is taught one afternoon a week, over two years and on completion students can progress onto the BA in Islamic Studies with the Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies, studying for another two years on a full-time basis to obtain an undergraduate degree.

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