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Posted on Wednesday, 08 July 2015 at 10am
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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The following blog is a guest post from Matt Masters, who has just finished the first year of a Civil Engineering degree after completing his Interdisciplinary Science Foundation Year with the Lifelong Learning Centre.

I presented at last year’s LLC Student Conference at the suggestion of my personal tutor. During the course of the year I completed a scientific report on a subject of my choosing as part of my Skills to Succeed in the Sciences module and it was this subject that I chose to present at the 2014 conference. I enjoyed presenting at the event and it was great to see other students from a variety of backgrounds presenting too.

The conference is not only an opportunity to showcase academic pieces, but also for students who have exceptional stories to talk about their academic journey. The reason that I want to be involved in the conference again this year is that I believe it is important to give students an opportunity to show off work that they are proud of or to tell others about their academic journey. It is an insightful display of student achievements and can provide inspiration to future students who may be in similar situations.

So, if you have an academic achievement that you are proud of or know somebody else that does, I recommend that you get involved in this year’s event. The easiest way to register is via Eventbrite.

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