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The Lifelong Learning Centre’s Research Hub

Posted on Thursday, 27 June 2013 at 10am
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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The Lifelong Learning Centre’s research hub brings together active researchers from across the centre to share their research interests and promote the variety of research that takes place within the institution.

The range of interests in the group includes; teaching pedagogy, ICT and Education, marketing in Higher Education, Medieval Studies, gender and transgender/transsexual studies, poetry and poetics, postcolonial story-telling in children’s fiction, disability studies in relation to culture, early modern intellectual history and literature, academic confidence, creative writing, gamificiation and game-based learning amongst others!

The hub was established to allow staff going through the research process, in relative isolation, to be a support network and offer the opportunity to facilitate the sharing of skills and experience between members.

The members meet monthly on an informal basis and offer the environment for researchers to share their current research and the framework to peer assess prospective papers for publication. The group have also arranged a conference titled Celebrations about learning – if I can, you can! The event will be an opportunity for current, or recently graduated, LLC students to share their learning achievements or experiences at the university to their fellow students, friends and family.

My personal experiences of joining the research hub have been nothing but positive It has allowed me to network with colleagues with similar research interests, be kept up to date with the latest research in my field and receive information on conferences, workshops and funding opportunities.

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