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We’re all on a learning journey, and that includes the teaching staff

Posted on Friday, 22 February 2013 at 4pm
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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Alongside my role as the Deputy Programme Manager for our Children, Young People and Family Studies programmes, I am also actively involved in research into how national policy is developed and influences service delivery and families. Thinking about how this work challenges me on a daily basis, I realised that my journey as a researcher parallels those of students here in the Lifelong Learning Centre.

As an academic researcher I am constantly confronting my own boundaries in terms of confidence as a writer, how I think in terms of the complexities of issues concerned with engaging with families and communities, improving my knowledge etc… The research directly informs my teaching here in the Lifelong Learning Centre and provides me with an understanding of where our students employed in frontline services are at now, and where future practice may take them. Like them, I have to construct research methodologies to help gain insights into the complex environments in which I work. My method involves the crossing of professional and organisational boundaries to understand how services work with families. These include schools, adult services and children and young people’s services. This helps me understand settings in which our students work.

So, yes I know only too well what it is like when confronted by a pile of books and research journals, and of course, a blank page that needs filling by a set deadline. In other words… we are all students on a learning journey.

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