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LLC Online – FAQs

Please stay in touch with your personal tutors and programme teams and raise any other areas that are concerning you. This information is accurate at 23/03/2020 please check for further updates.  

These questions are intended to provide advice for LLC students and should be read together with the University communication. 

I’m struggling financially in the current circumstances is there anything I can do?  

Please contact Paul Devlin, Student Support Officer, for advice.

1.       The University’s Leeds Hardship Fund remains open for applications and they have now removed the requirement for people to go in person to collect a form.  Please use this link in the first instance to make an application to this fund.  

2.       The Lifelong Learning Centre has its LLC Bursary Fund for students that are not eligible for or have been declined by the Leeds Hardship Fund. Or for where a more responsive and pressing need occurs (unable to feed myself, my electricity has been turned off etc) 

I am feeling very anxious and/or isolated by not coming into university. Is there anything I can do? 

We appreciate how difficult this is for everyone. We are still working we just can’t meet face to face but there is lots of support still available. 

  • Student Counselling and Wellbeing Service: SCW@LUU same day support will reopen from Monday 30th March 2020. This service will now be offered through remote online support by telephone, email and /or by Zoom.  If any student would like to speak with a member of our team regarding their mental health and wellbeing then please contact them on  
  • There are also organisations and services available in the Leeds area that provide counselling, therapeutic interventions and psychological support. 

What is open on campus (i.e. can I use computer clusters, cafes etc)? 

To protect our staff and students most of the campus facilities will be closed. There is a small front-line student support service, based in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building (not the LLC), to complement a more comprehensive online service. There will be a helpdesk facility open in Leeds University Union. Limited catering will be available in the Refectory and in the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building (We will keep the position under review, but we do not currently expect catering to be available in other venues). Computer clusters will be closed. In general, halls of residence will be open, albeit with a limited range of services. All sports facilities will be closed. Further information – including a list of key contact numbers – will be published on the dedicated coronavirus website. Please check it regularly for updates. 

What will happen to the libraries? 

The Library buildings are closed and the Library will be providing an expanded set of electronic resources. The current book retrieval system will end at 5pm on Friday 20 March. Library staff are liaising actively with publishers, and the electronic provision of books and other materials, number of simultaneous users, and so on, is rapidly expanding.  Library staff will be working remotely to support student education and research, with full details kept up to date on the library website and the specialised coronavirus page linked from it. 

How do I contact the LLC if the LLC is closed? 

In light of the recent government and University guidance about the Coronavirus pandemic, the Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) has moved most of its services online. The Centre remains committed to offering a high quality service and support to enquirers, applicants and students. We have set up a number of communication channels so we can respond to you quickly and provide community support in these challenging circumstances.  For general enquiries and pastoral support please email You have the option of providing a phone number should you wish to have a chat with our Student Support Officer. You can also contact your personal tutor and programme team. All staff will be regularly accessing emails. 

 How can I stay in touch with other students? 

LLC Student Community: This is Yammer group for our existing students. Click on this link and search for ‘LLC Student Community’ to join a supportive community to ask questions of each other and a range of LLC staff including members of the front desk, academic skills and student support teams. Feel free to share your tips and ideas on keeping positive in these difficult times. Remember we also have programme-specific groups on Facebook and we would strongly encourage you to join. Email to get the link to your group. 

What will happen to extensions?  

If you were previously granted an extension, this still stands. If you have submitted a request and not received a response yet please bear with us and we will confirm the outcome shortly. For new requests students should follow normal procedures. Please use this link if you wish to request an extension to an assessment deadline within the assessment period. Please complete and submit for approval BEFORE the assessment deadline. 

I already have an approved extension for other reasons. Can I apply for additional time due to circumstances related to the Coronavirus? 

Yes, this should be a new application through the online form. Due to the exceptional circumstances Module Leaders have been given authorisation to approve these but only through the correct procedures. We recognise that student parents and those caring for elderly or vulnerable relatives will be facing additional pressures at this time. In these circumstances, as long as you have kept your personal tutor or Programme Manager/Leader informed we will not require further evidence. 

Will the deadline for dissertations be changed? 

You can apply for an extension/mitigating circumstances to your dissertation deadline in line with normal procedures. However, if your deadline is extended later than 22 May your mark will not go through the June Exam Boards and your graduation will therefore be delayed. 

Can I still apply for mitigating circumstances? 

Yes, you will need to submit an electronic copy of the form to but otherwise the procedure remains the same. Details are available on all of our LLC Minerva module sites in the assessment tab. We will be meeting regularly so that we can give you a prompt response. We understand that for some circumstances it will be difficult to provide evidence at these times. For school closures, this is a national position so we do not require further evidence. For Covid 19 health or caring issues, we ask that you report concerns as soon as possible to your personal tutor or Programme Manager/Leader and this notification will be used as the evidence. 

I cannot cope with studying under the pressure of the current situation. What should I do? 

Please contact your personal tutor or Paul Devlin so that we can advise you on an individual basis. We fully understand how difficult this is for everyone and will do everything we can to offer our support. 

I will find it difficult to take part in some of the online delivery because of childcare and/or increased work commitments will I be penalised for non-attendance? 

No, we understand that things will be disrupted for many people during these times. We will not be following the attendance monitoring policy during this time. Most of the resources will be in a format that you can work flexibly whenever you can find an appropriate time to study. Programme teams will keep track of who is engaging so that we can identify anyone at risk so that we can offer support and guidance. If your circumstances are such that you feel unable to engage at all please contact your personal tutor or Paul Devlin so that we can advise you on individual basis. 

What will happen about my student accommodation costs? 

Please see here for further guidance.

Will graduation go ahead as planned? 

The University is doing everything possible to ensure graduation is not delayed. However, graduation ceremonies may need to be postponed in line with the Government’s advice on large group gatherings. The ceremony is an important celebration of your achievements and we will look forward to joining you in these celebrations at an appropriate time. However, a delay to the ceremony does not change your status as a graduate and we are planning to run Award boards to confirm your degree outcomes as originally planned.