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What happens at a Science Foundation Year Selection Day?

Posted on Monday, 29 April 2013 at 8am
by Sheryl Meskin. See more of my posts here.
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‘Hi! Welcome to the University of Leeds!’ Or as Ellen Avery and I, the Programme Leaders, like to say, ‘Howdy Ya’ll!’ as we are both from Texas!

During our Selection Day we work to create a very welcoming and inviting atmosphere for our prospective students. From the beginning and through to the close of the day we invite students interested in studying a science, engineering or health-related undergraduate programme to spend a day with us to learn more about the programme, the Lifelong Learning Centre, and the University of Leeds. We aim to put everyone at ease right from the start and for everyone to appreciate their unique academic background and experiences have brought them there on the day.

A typical Selection Day involves a debate where students use their ‘homework’, material researched prior to the day, in order to debate against or for a particular issue. Students work in small groups to develop their speeches which are presented to the whole group. In the end a winning team is selected based on the effectiveness and strength of the arguments. Students find the activity to be challenging yet fun as we do our best to keep it light-hearted.

Additionally the prospective students have an opportunity to meet informally with the Programme Tutors during lunch. We also interview each student providing a confidential way to discuss their academic and study history. Students typically are a bit nervous about being interviewed, but most students feel at ease and are re-assured after their interview!

One of our main goals of the day is for both parties, the prospective student and the SFY Programme Team, to get to know more about each other. Perhaps, more importantly, though we also want to see if the programme is a ‘good fit’ (apologies for the Biological terminology, but we are the Science Foundation team!) for each student. It is just as important for us as the SFY Programme Team to see if we have an applicant who is motivated, has a realistic outlook & expectations of the programme, and has participated appropriately across all Selection Day activities.

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