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Posted on Friday, 24 January 2014 at 9am
by Paul Devlin. See more of my posts here.
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It’s often the case that we talk ourselves out of doing things that we’d really like to do, letting our past hold us back from experiencing new tastes and fulfilling new creative urges.

I recall in a previous role working with some superb amateur arts and crafts groups from across the country – many of which had seen a steady decline in their numbers over the years as their existing membership grew older with no younger members coming along to replace them. These groups did their best to advertise to the local community but often limited their information to what the group was, where it met, and when it met, e.g. “Leeds Theatrical Society. Headingley Hall. Every Friday from 7pm. All welcome”. It sounds good and something that perhaps we’d all like to do but of course, we can always talk ourselves out of doing things we’d like to do. “What if I’m the only man there? What if everyone in the group is so much older than me? What do I need to take with me? What if there is a special dress code that I don’t know about? Is there parking?” The logical way would be to address these concerns upfront, before they have a chance to dissuade anyone.

Students at the Lifelong Learning Centre are a confident bunch. They’ve already taken a massive step and committed themselves to studying at the University of Leeds. Where others may have had doubts and fears and walked away from following their dreams, our students have faced up to, sometimes huge, life challenges and are on a personal and professional learning journey that will in most cases transform their lives. It doesn’t make it any easier though when they see a sign in the Union building urging them to give ballroom dancing a go, or to come and learn sign language, or help local asylum seekers with their language skills; all of those amazing extra-curricular opportunities that go hand in hand with being a student at the University of Leeds. The doubt creeps in, the questions start in their mind telling them they’ve got no one to go with, they’re too young or old, they won’t know anyone there….

That’s why we have handpicked some of the best of Leeds University Union’s Give it a Go sessions and are encouraging students to come and try activities together. We’re all meeting together before each event, having a coffee together, walking to the venues together, feeling nervous together, feeling silly together when we can’t tell our cha, cha from our tango, and collectively supporting each other to experience and taste those things that we would normally talk ourselves out of if we had to do them on our own. Here’s what the plans are for this Semester:

You’ll find a fuller description of the January – March 2014 events on our Giving it a Go Events page. Why not give it a go?


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