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Posted on Friday, 01 November 2013 at 3pm
by Paul Devlin. See more of my posts here.
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Being a student at University of Leeds, no matter what your background, is not only about reaching your academic, professional and personal goals. It is also about a wider transformation too – shaping your life experiences (no matter what your age) and making this time in your life one that you remember with fondness – an experience where new friendships are born, metaphorical doors are opened and new horizons are explored.

A lot of those experiences certainly come from your academic study – from knowledge gained, learning from tutors and other students – the ‘left sided brain’ stuff. A good chunk though comes from the less obvious factors that surround your time as a student – the ‘right sided brain’ stuff. Being around other like-minded people; supporting peers in their time of need; those 10 minutes grabbing a coffee before class; watching some free music in Clothworkers’ Centenary Concert Hall; discovering things for the first time in the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery. It is those ‘human’ interactions that make your time here even more memorable.

It’s why we try at the Lifelong Learning Centre to make things as warm and friendly for you as possible – both academically and personally. It’s why from time to time we like to run activities for students to engage socially – not just to taste new things, but also to spend time with other students from across different programmes and form those lasting bonds.

A few dates for your diaries then between now and the end of the year; all free to attend:


  • Friday 8 November: Christkindelmarkt – German Christmas Market
  • Wednesday 20 November: Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
  • Saturday 30 November: Royal Armouries Museum

Mature student coffee drop in (12pm – 2pm, Ziff Building Common Room):

  • Tuesday 5 November
  • Tuesday 3 December

End of term Xmas social – to be confirmed – likely to be 12 or 13 December. Watch this space.

Keep an eye on the LLC website, the monthly student newsletter and on your programme’s Facebook page for more details. There’ll be more events planned too as we head in to the New Year and any thoughts or suggestions that you’d like to make are more than welcome. Indeed if you’d like to be involved in running any social activities then do let me know as we’d be more than happy to support.

In the meantime keep enjoying both the ‘right side’ and ‘left side’ of your time at the Lifelong Learning Centre and we hope to see you at some of the above events.

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