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The Scottish Referendum: what does Yorkshire think?

Posted on Monday, 09 June 2014 at 1pm
by Lindsey Fraser. See more of my posts here.
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As we pass the latest milestone in the Scottish Referendum campaign, with only 100 days remaining to the vote in September, the debate is once more making the headlines.

On the What Scotland Thinks blog this morning, Professor John Curtice asked whether England is tiring of its northern neighbour. We will be exploring people’s views this Saturday at our event The Scottish Referendum: The End of Britain?

There has been very little debate outside of Scotland and London about the impact of the referendum on Britain and we hope that this event will be informative as well as giving a platform for lively discussion. We will be looking at the historical, political and economic context of the referendum and what a ‘Yes’ vote might mean to the country as a whole.

We’re pleased to be collaborating on this event with colleagues from the School of Politics and International Studies and Leeds University Business School.

Our guest speakers are Professor James Mitchell, Chair of Public Policy at the University of Edinburgh who has recently completed a book entitled The Scottish Question, and Susan Dalgety, an independent communications adviser and writer with expertise on Scottish politics having been, amongst other things, chief press officer to the Scottish First Minister.

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