Lifelong Learning Centre

George Zifkos

I am an economist, creative practitioner and researcher specialising in the area of cultural and creative economy.

My fascination with the creative arts, culture, entrepreneurship and ethics have always guided my life, and taken me in some interesting directions. I have developed bids for cultural and educational organisations and consulted on public policy projects focusing on the areas of Cultural Policy, Place Branding and Sustainable Development. I have been teaching in Higher Education since 2014 in the UK in a variety of settings – from foundation courses to postgraduate, and in subject areas including Decision Making, Diversity in the Workplace, Cross-Cultural Management and Research Methods.

My PhD, completed in 2017, explored discourses of ‘sustainability’ within the arts and culture sector.

I lead the following LLC modules:

LLLC1363 ‘Introduction to Economics’ on our BSc Business Studies with Foundation Year

LLLC2264 ‘Creativity, Work and Change’ and LLLC1396 ‘Employability in a changing world’ on our BA Professional Studies

LLLC3972 ‘Management Consultancy’; LLLC3973 ‘Operations management’ and LLLC3971 ‘Strategic Management’ on our part-time BA Business Management and Leadership

Title: Teaching Fellow (Business Management)
phone: 0113 343 0616