Lifelong Learning Centre

Nathan Loynes

Nathan Loynes

My role as Programme Manager for Child and Family Studies is to manage all aspects of both the Foundation Degree and the BA. This includes five key areas of work:

  1. Recruitment and promotion strategies for the two programmes
  2. Development and delivery of the programmes, plus related taster days and short courses
  3. Teaching and student support (both academic and personal)
  4. Liaison with colleagues both in the LLC and the wider University and with external stakeholders
  5. Contributing to the overall work of the LLC and its promotion both internally and externally

I have three major areas of interest:

  1. Empathetic practice in children and family social work and family support
  2. The impact of social exclusion and inequality on childhood and family life
  3. The use of blended and flipped pedagogies in life-long learning educational contexts

Title: Programme Manager (Child and Family Studies)
phone: 0113 343 7473