Lifelong Learning Centre

Rosa Mas Giralt

In my role as Deputy Programme Manager for the BA Professional Studies programme I contribute to the promotion, development and delivery of the programme. I teach students to undertake research independently and supervise them while completing their projects. I also lead and/or teach on a range of modules across Professional Studies and other programmes.

I am a cross-disciplinary researcher with over ten years’ experience in assisting and conducting research projects in social and health sciences from pre- to post-doctoral level. I hold a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Leeds and my research interests include onward and transnational migration, migrant families and welfare, social identities and belonging, migrant and later generation children and cross-linguistic methodology. I am the lead coordinator of the International Network of South-North Dialogues on the Children of Migrants (SOUNDS). You can read a list of my publications here.

I am particularly interested in the experiences of physical and social mobility of (adult) students and in the creation of an inclusive HE sector, committed to recognising diverse learning trajectories and fostering equality of opportunity.

Title: Deputy Programme Manager (BA Professional Studies)
phone: 0113 343 1113