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Student conference success

Posted on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 at 1pm
by Nadine Cavigioli. See more of my posts here.
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Our first Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) student conference, entitled ‘Celebrations about learning: if I can, you can!‘ took place last Thursday (27th June). The event was organised by a student committee who have all worked hard to make it a success.

Emma McNamara was the first to present; she has recently completed the Preparation to Higher Education course (PHE) and shared her learning journey from this year, overcoming barriers such as fears about returning to education and financial worries. Kathleen Georgiades (BA Child & Family Studies) gave a fascinating presentation which highlighted the impact of respite care in the home for parents with children who have complex health needs; this generated many thought provoking questions from the audience.

Samina Aslam (PHE) shared her experience of conducting an educational research project for the first time, focusing on the benefits of free flow play in a key stage one setting. Samina admitted that this time last year she would not have been able to imagine herself standing and talking in public, using presentation skills she has gained during her studies. Following on from this, Johannah Herron (BA Learning & Teaching) discussed a highly informative handbook she has created which raises awareness for those who work with pupils on the autism spectrum. To close the event we had the pleasure of experiencing Hassan Erraji (PHE) whose energy and enthusiasm for music resulted in the whole audience being engaged in making exhilarating sounds with their hands.

We received lots of positive feedback about the conference including:

“I lack confidence a lot after being a full-time mum, I never studied but it changes my view hearing the speakers”

“All the topics and experiences were interesting, mostly I enjoyed the music. I had no idea of all the different sounds you can make by just clapping.”

“I enjoyed the music and the enthusiasm of students and staff.”

As so many of our learners join the LLC with various barriers to overcome, I am sure all of the students involved in the event have really surprised themselves at their excellent achievements, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

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