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Graduation: a student’s view

Baines Wing

Posted on Tuesday, 11 August 2015 at 1pm
by Lifelong Learning Centre Staff.
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The following blog is a guest post from Tanya Hartley, who recently completed her Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching with the Lifelong Learning Centre.

Graduation Day…the result of the last three years spent at university completing my Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching. I feel a combination of nerves and excitement, mixed with a feeling of pride and self-satisfaction.

I meet my fellow students, many who have become close friends. Together we make our way to have our gowns fitted. The University campus is filled with graduates, wearing a variety of coloured gowns. We reminisce about the struggles we encountered during our first year; long hours reading and working on assignments, missing out on family time and social events due to studying. All the hard work was worth it though – we have all ended the journey with our heads held high and with a great sense of achievement.

The ceremony takes place in the Great Hall. The historic buildings of the University and the ceremonial dress give a great sense of grandeur and importance to the day. There is a real buzz in the air, as it finally sinks in that we are graduating!!

The ceremony begins, with a formal academic procession where I see two of my most supportive tutors (Sally Gibbs and Jacqui Ambler), along with some other familiar faces. We watch the other graduates collect their certificates, the time drawing closer for our turn. Our course is announced and I follow my fellow graduates as we make our way to the steps leading to the stage; when my name is called I beam with pride and step forward to receive my certificate. I look for my family in their seats and feel so proud when I see them smiling and clapping for me. The formalities and rituals of the graduation ceremony give me the same feeling I get when I enter a church or ceremonial building, a feeling of being part of something that holds so much history and tradition, giving me a sense of my own self-worth.

The whole day was a fantastic experience, allowing me to reflect on the time I have spent being part of the University over the past three years. I have received great support from my tutors and staff at the LLC and am looking forward to returning in September to start the top-up for my BA. I feel I have grown as a person over the course; my self-confidence has increased along with my knowledge and understanding. I now believe in myself and my capabilities.

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