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Submitting assignments

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Please note that the information on this page is for students on programmes taught by the LLC. If you are taught elsewhere at the University you will find that similar information is available from your teaching department.

For the majority of your assignments you will be asked to submit an electronic copy via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). If there is any change to this hand-in procedure you will be informed by your tutor.

About the VLE

The University uses a system called Blackboard, which allows tutors to create and deliver module materials to students online. Modules are customisable to support a tutor’s teaching and learning methods and can offer a range of electronic resources and content types.

To find out more about the VLE please click on a link below to view the University’s introduction to the VLE and a guide to submitting your assignments online.

  • Click here to view the introduction to the VLE
  • Click here to view the guide to assignment submission in the VLE