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Government tuition fee loans

You will probably be able to borrow the cost of your tuition fee from the government, in the form of a tuition fee loan.  You will be able to get a loan provided that you are personally eligible for student finance (if you are a UK national or have settled status and have lived in the UK for the past three years you will probably be eligible).  You can check this at here. 

 It is important to note that any previous study at higher education level may affect your eligibility for finance.  If you have ever studied at university level before, no matter where, how long ago or how long for, please check your eligibility as soon as possible.

Please note that interest is charged on all government loans.  More information about interest is available here.

Repayment of the sum borrowed for tuition fees is more like a tax than a standard loan.  You only have to repay when you can afford to and the cost per month is designed to be easily managed within your income.

  • Repayments are taken through the HMRC tax system; you do not have to make any special arrangements
  • Repayments do not begin until the April following the year you graduate or leave your course, whichever is earliest (part-time students start repaying in the April four years after you start your course, or in the April following the year you leave your course, whichever is the earliest)
  • You will not have to repay anything unless you are earning over £25,000 per year (note that this is only about your income; whatever anyone else in the household earns, it doesn’t matter)
  • Payments are calculated only on income above £25,000 and are very affordable. To give you an example: if you are earning c£25,000 per year your repayments will be around £7.00 per week
  • If you stop earning (if, for example, you lose your job) or your earnings fall below £25,000 (if, for example, you cut down on your hours at work), repayments will cease
  • In any event, if you have not repaid your loan after 30 years it is written off (responsibility does not pass to other members of your household/family)

Reduced tuition fees

Students on a full-time Foundation Year or on the PHE programme (a part-time Foundation Year) may be eligible for a reduced tuition fee loan.

Y0u are advised to apply for the full tuition fee loan initially, even if you think you will qualify for the reduced fee, so that you will have funding in place should you need it; if you do not have access to a tuition fee loan when you start your course your registration may be delayed.  If it is confirmed that you do not need a full tuition fee loan, Student Finance England will be notified of this and only the loan you need will be taken out.

Full time Foundation Year students:  If you think you may be eligible for a reduced tuition fee, you must apply for government financial support in order to have your household income formally means-tested and confirmed. See here for more information about this.

PHE students: Students wishing to be considered for a reduced tuition fee must apply for Leeds Financial Support. This will enable the University to do a means-test which will check formally whether you are eligible for the reduced fee.

Applying for a tuition fee loan

Applications for tuition fee loans should be made online here.

You must apply for your loan by 1 June 2020

Important information for PHE students: please read the information here about how to apply for a tuition fee loan.

All prospective students; please read this important information about applying for government support.