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Leeds Financial Support (LFS) for full-time students

LFS is a non-repayable annual award from the University, based on your household income. For full-time Foundation Year students, it may also include a reduced tuition fee.

How much LFS will I get?

This will depend on

  • Your household income:
    • ‘Household’ usually means you and your parent/s if you are a ‘dependent’ student, or you and your partner, if you are an ‘independent’ student.
    • If you are under 25 you are usually classed as ’dependent’ and if you are 25 or over you are usually classed as ‘independent’, but it is possible to be classed as ‘independent’ at a younger age if you meet certain criteria: further information here.
    • Residual household Income (RHI) is calculated by taking the gross taxable income from the household (i.e. before tax and National Insurance) and taking off allowances for:
      • payments into private pension schemes, additional voluntary contributions and employment-related expenditure;
      • £1,130 for each child in the family other than you who is totally or mainly financially dependent;
      • £1,130 if your parent/partner is also a student. This will be added to any unearned income which you have yourself, to give the final RHI figure (‘unearned’ income is that which is derived from savings, investments, property lets etc, not wages/salaries).
  • Whether you are a Foundation Year student or a first year degree student.

Amounts of LFS for all full-time programmes are shown here.

How do I apply for LFS?

You do not need to apply.  Your eligibility for the Leeds Financial Support will be assessed automatically, provided you have applied online for means-tested government financial support from Student Finance England.  You will be sent an email (to your University email address) informing you of the result of the assessment.

How will my LFS be paid?

You can choose between:

  • a cash sum, which you can spend as you wish, e.g. for course costs such as books and travel or
  • a fee discount or
  • a discount on University-owned accommodation.

You will be asked to choose how to take your award after you complete registration, via the University Portal.  Tuition/accommodation fee reductions will be made automatically once you have made your choice and cash payments will be paid into your bank account in three instalments: 25% in early December 2019, 50% in mid-February 2020 and 25% in early May 2020 (provided your bank details are on your University record; check this via the Portal). You must make your choice by the first week in November 2019; after this all awards will be paid in cash.

Please note that if your fees are being paid for by someone else (e.g. an employer, the NHS) you will not be eligible for LFS.

Reduced tuition fees for full-time Foundation Year students

In addition to the above, full-time Foundation Year students may be eligible for a reduced tuition fee loan as part of Leeds Financial Support.   If you think you may be eligible for a reduced tuition fee, you must apply for government financial support in order to have your household income formally means-tested and confirmed.  See here for more information about this.

You are advised to apply for the full tuition fee loan initially, even if you think you will qualify for the reduced fee, so that you will have funding in place should you need it; if you do not have access to a tuition fee loan when you start your course your registration may be delayed.  If it is confirmed that you do not need a full tuition fee loan, Student Finance England will be notified of this and only the loan you need will be taken out.