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Leeds Financial Support (LFS) for part-time students

LFS is a non-repayable annual award from the University, based on your household income. For part-time Foundation Year students (PHE), it may also include a reduced tuition fee.

How much LFS will I get?

This will depend on

  • Your household income (‘household’ means you and your spouse, partner or civil partner, not your parents, irrespective of your age)
  • Your ‘intensity of study’ (the proportion of full-time study you are doing)
  • Whether you are doing a degree/foundation degree/certificate of higher education or a Foundation Year (PHE)

Amounts of LFS for all part-time programmes are shown here.  Please note that if you are studying on the PHE programme, you should refer to the table about Foundation Years, as the PHE programme is a part-time Foundation Year.

How do I apply for LFS?

You need to apply for LFS using a paper application form which is available to download here.

You cannot apply until you are registered.  The completed form should be brought, with all the necessary supporting evidence, to the counter at the Student Services Centre, Level 9, Marjorie & Arnold Ziff Building.

Your eligibility will be checked against the criteria and your (and your partner’s) income will be assessed using information from the application form and your supporting evidence. The period of income assessment is April 2018 to April 2019. Your gross taxable income from all sources in this period will be taken into account and if you have a partner or dependent children your assessed income will be reduced by the following amounts:  £2,000 for a partner; £2,000 for the eldest dependent child; £1,000 for each subsequent dependent child.  If your financial circumstances have changed significantly (by at least 15%) since the 2018-2019 tax year, you can apply for an assessment based on your current income.

The University’s Funding team will notify you directly of the outcome of your application.   If you qualify for LFS, you will be asked to specify how you would like to receive it by completing an on-line choice form on the Student Portal.

How will my LFS be paid?

You can choose between:

  • a cash sum, which you can spend as you wish, e.g. for course costs such as books and travel or
  • a fee discount or
  • a discount on University-owned accommodation

You will be asked to choose how to take your award after you complete registration, via the University Portal.  Tuition/accommodation fee reductions will be made automatically once you have made your choice and cash payments will be paid into your bank account in three instalments: 25% in early December 2019, 50% in mid-February 2020 and 25% in early May 2020 (provided your bank details are on your University record; check this via the Portal). You must make your choice by the first week in November 2019; after this all awards will be paid in cash.

Please note that if your fees are being paid for by someone else (e.g. an employer, the NHS) you will not be eligible for LFS.

Reduced tuition fees for PHE students

In addition to the above, PHE students may be eligible for a reduced tuition fee loan as part of Leeds Financial Support.   Eligibility will automatically be assessed when you apply for Leeds Financial Support.

PHE students are advised to apply for the full tuition fee loan initially, even if you think you will qualify for the reduced fee, so that you will have funding in place should you need it; if you do not have access to a tuition fee loan when you start your course your registration may be delayed.  If it is confirmed that you do not need a full tuition fee loan, Student Finance England will be notified of this and only the loan you need will be taken out.