Lifelong Learning Centre

Leaving your course

Baines Wing

Please note that the information on this page is for students on programmes taught by the LLC. If you are taught elsewhere at the University will find that similar information is available from your teaching department.

If you are considering leaving your course please talk to us first. You should talk to your programme manager or tutor in the first instance, or if you prefer you can speak to our Student Experience Officer Paul Devlin. In some cases we may be able to help you with your problems as there are financial, administrative and academic support structures available.

We also recognise that sometimes there really isn’t anything else we can do to support you and that it is necessary for you to withdraw from your studies, either temporarily or permanently. In these cases it is important that you complete the formal leavers procedure as there could be financial and academic consequences if you don’t. Once you have indicated your intention to leave you’ll need to fill in a Leavers Form (which you will be sent or you can download below) and return it to us at the Lifelong Learning Centre.

Please click here to download the Leavers Form.